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It happened in a moment. The world changed. In the aftermath were five cities: Xantes, Parvulum, Ganymede, Montessori, and Sunder - and in the wreckage, unknown to them, the way was opened. The stars shifted around them because of what they did. Made new pathways and opened gates into their reality. Change, they realize, is inevitable. Their reality is consequence that must be lived with, dealt with. The question echoes around them, and now around you, who has been forced into this - faint, hard to distinguish among everything else: How will this end?

Blackballad is an animated panfandom roleplay set in five unique cities. Please register with your character's full name in all caps!

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Blackballad is taking a hiatus! The site is still open to current members, but we are not accepting new members at this time. We're sorry to those that interested in joining! Members may check out our announcement further explaining this change here: http://blackballad.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=1714

Thanks so much everyone! We hope you understand.
- Cait & BLB Staff
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