It happened in a moment. The world changed. In the aftermath were five cities: Xantes, Parvulum, Ganymede, Montessori, and Sunder - and in the wreckage, unknown to them, the way was opened. The stars shifted around them because of what they did. Made new pathways and opened gates into their reality. Change, they realize, is inevitable. Their reality is consequence that must be lived with, dealt with. The question echoes around them, and now around you, who has been forced into this - faint, hard to distinguish among everything else: How will this end?

Blackballad is an animated panfandom roleplay set in five unique cities. Please register with your character's full name in all caps!

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The World’s Fair Circus is set up in the fashion you might expect: three separate, brilliant red tents set up to temporarily hold some of the festivities. Each tent is quite large, able to hold a reasonably large crowd of people at one time. The central high top tent is the source of much of the acrobatic and magical displays: in this tent you’ll see people traverse wires far above your head, ride unicycles, and perform many outstanding acts of physical and magical prowess. If you’re looking for a typical (but notably above average) circus experience, the first tent is your spot. The second tent is an intriguing feat: a massive indoor maze, clearly created through magical means, as it’s much larger inside than out. The maze is also constantly changing, shifting walls and directions - this, coupled with the fact that the maze-goer will be expected to answer riddles and questions throughout to be able to escape, makes it the perfect match for someone looking for a challenge and adventure. The third and last tent is slightly smaller than the other two, hosting auctions, various small games such as ski-ball, claw machines, and the like, as well as more casual performers, such as circus clowns and trained animals. If you’re looking for some hands-on fun, the third tent is the ideal stop in the Circus.


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It happens with the chime of a bell. When midnight hits on the sixth day, ringing in the seventh and final day of the World's Fair Festival the circus high top is cleared out of all its guests; the curtains are quickly drawn shut. It takes only a moment for the change to take place, and not even a minute later is the high top reopened. While the circus tent was once occupied by fantastic attractions and performances, they sit rearranged, sidelined in favor of the massive ballroom floor that now sits in the midst of the high top. Overhead, acrobats continue to trapeze through the air, while contortionists and magicians perform unimaginable feats casually throughout the floor. Servants move through the area as well, carrying silver platters with freshly made appetizers and flutes of champagne and other drinks. And of course, mysterious music surrounds those within - never too loud, never too soft - the sound of a violin, a cello; a piano accompanies all those who would wish to dance. The Masquerade Ball only asks for anonymity for those that wish to join, and as such attendants stand ready at the entrance, passing out masks (seemingly at random) to all those that enter. Each mask is custom made and completely individual. In fact, those that look long enough will realize the subtly in which each mask seems to be personally tailored towards the person that receives it, using their favorite colors or preferred aesthetics, while employing befitting designs for each person. While some may find it concerning how such a thing is even possible, the glamour of the event is enough that such a thing is put in the back of one's mind. After all, this is the last day of the World's Fair. It should be enjoyed.
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Situated within a repurposed Eiderdown mansion, the haunted house carries with it an almost suffocating air of neglect. From its sprawling grounds (the greenhouse choked with climbing ivy, a once-stately garden overgrown with weeds, and a tangle of thorny vines) to the vast ballroom nestled at the center of the manor (marble floors formerly polished to gleaming now reduced to rubble and less, the great chandelier thick with cobwebs and a soft film of dust), this is a place of wealth and elegance left to fester and decay. This stands to reason, as owner Thomas Moore was found murdered in his sleep, the sheets sodden red–or so the people of Center Sunder claim, whispering behind cupped hands at this cabaret or that society gala. Regardless of its history, committee organizers have worked tirelessly to restore the mansion, purging the grounds of debris and twining creepers; shining the filigreed railing of the great central staircase to reflective brilliance. Undoubtedly, the Moore house seems more inviting than it has in centuries, its many threats to safety swept out of sight, replaced with recordings of chilling laughter, muted murmurs, the steady thud of a beating heart, or the distant skitter of feet across floorboards; an army of mechanized ghosts, and the stony-faced subjects of "portraits" whose expressions change, by the second, into something foul. Candles line the walls, providing a safe path throughout the various rooms and twisting corridors. It assumes a playful kind of haunting, suitable even for children to enjoy. Unfortunately, as visitors will soon find–perhaps there are some horrors that simply cannot be cleansed.


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The festival grounds are spread out, a flash of bright color amidst Sunder’s otherwise stark monochromatic landscape. The entire event is held within them, with the Circus tents found near the center of the grounds, and the Haunted House near its edge. Within the grounds you can find the majority of the festivities, including plenty of rides for the thrill-seeker. You have the peaceful ferris wheel, the heart-pounding drop ride, rides that spin, rides that flip you upside down - even a fully-fledged roller coaster can be found within the grounds. Vendors have shown up in spades with fair food of all types, from meats and dinner dishes to sweet treats. Many small businesses are set up on the sidelines of the grounds, selling merchandise such as flowers, jewelry, and magical wares whose profits at least partially go to charity. And of course, you can find smaller games and competitions set up by festival workers. Whoever you are, there’s plenty to occupy yourself with - and a scenic display (the grounds are strewn with pumpkins and leaves, bright lights and torches) sure to lift your spirits.

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While Center Sunder–with its elegant, lavishly decorated homes and sparkling nightlife–pulses with energy in the midst of the World's Fair, the world beyond its boundaries remains an entity shrouded in shadow. Volunteer security officials insist that visitors remain within the confines of the festival–and not without reason. After all, Sunder is an unknown variable; those unfamiliar with its...peculiarities are sure to walk headfirst into danger–or so the locals claim. And yet the outskirts of Sunder–so often abuzz with activity, criminal or otherwise–are suffused with an all-encompassing silence. Had you been brave enough to venture beyond the outskirts, approaching the fabled precipice, you would find that even the most feral of creatures had vanished from sight. Perhaps their absence–and the blissful quiet of the outskirts' winding alleys, the debris of ruined buildings–is a mark of the peace and goodwill the World's Fair has wrought? Of course–there's only one way to find out.


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Parvulum’s business district remained relatively untouched during and after the events of the separation. As such, it’s only flourished in the past years, becoming the center of commerce and necessity for Parvulum and, to a certain degree, even the other cities of Iris. The buildings here make up the colorful city skyline seen on the outskirts of Parvulum, rising several stories into the sky as office workers and government officials keep the district active during daytime. The business district also sports buildings that shine with steady hues of calm blues and heavy green, clean silver and loud splashes of gold that reflect the typical atmosphere of the area. The streets are typically busy - almost ruthless, lined with cars and buses with traffic ever present throughout the day, and an equal amount of people can be found traversing the sidewalks as they make their way about.


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Parvulum’s shopping district is perhaps one of the loudest areas of the entire city, both visually and literally. The streets open up into a free for all of boutiques, shops, and stores, stretching for blocks that last miles as the pavement guides others to their next shopping destination. Every hour, shops persist on advertising their newest sales and bargains, enticing buyers through their doors as models and displays showcase the hottest trends in fashion and technology. Main street is also known for its famous fashion walkways, littered in the middle of the streets they stretch along with free seating available for those who wish to watch the impromptu fashion shows typically put on by local businesses. Main street is often called the heart of Parvulum, always beating, always thriving, and those most familiar with it would certainly agree.
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Parvulum’s entertainment district is aptly named - known as the one place you must see when you visit - it is busiest and most popular district of Parvulum. It’s no wonder, considering the incredible features and areas available to the public. The district is home to a number of entertainment outlets, from karaoke bars to a formidably sized amusement park, Parvulum takes advantage of the vivid colors and hues on hand due to the overwhelmingly positive nature of the district. Each building and structure shines brilliantly throughout the day, carrying on throughout the night as well as activity never ceases throughout the area. When one building closes, another is bound to open its doors - neon displays, bright lights, and a steady myriad of sounds keep the entertainment district alive and - of course - entertaining for anyone who seeks a thrill.
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The outskirts and much more natural locations located around and even within Parvulum are a cherished feature, maintained and cared for by city officials. An unexpected treat, the state of Parvulum makes nature a brilliant commodity for those that live in and visit the city. Flowers are an ever evolving palette of colors - grass can be a dampened green one second, a brilliant blood red the next. All of Parvulum’s nature shifts between various hues and features throughout the day, making them commercially viable for city officials and business owners. Forestry has been maintained naturally, even predating the separation - while some attractions are man made, maintained by the careful and meticulous work of gardeners and experienced employees who care for the land surrounding Parvulum.
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Xantes’ Inner Square features a collection of some of the most frequented areas in the city, all clustered around the telltale Time Towers that keep the ever-fluctuating, fluid time of the region tame. Along the several blocks the “square” takes up, you’ll find the library and the Meridian museum, the Forum (popularly used for public performances), the beautiful park of Wisteria Green, as well as the factory that distributes the clocks, watches, and other time-keeping devices used throughout Xantes. The Inner Square is the most stable area in all of Xantes, due to the proximity of the Towers - the further one strays from it, the more vulnerable one becomes to anomalies of time.
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Market Landing is perhaps the most antiquated area in Xantes so far as style; the streets are cobblestone, the buildings overwhelming wooden - along the street line are street lamps and the occasional phone booth, as they’re far more reliable than cellular devices in this city. Those who live and work here fully embrace this style of living, however, and it shows in the majority of the homes and businesses that make up Market Landing. That isn’t to say there isn’t some fun to be had here - stop by the Gale Theatre for a show, or spend a night out at the Lacuna cabaret and see what delights Xantes has to offer.


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There is not a particular area of the city reserved for housing, but you’ll find homes (often custom built by their owners, or some member of their family generations ago) scattered throughout the city, in the Square, the Landing, and everywhere in between. Homes tend to be relatively humble in Xantes, though higher-ranking government officials, of course, tend to occupy the largest of them. For the majority of Xantes’ people, though, not much room is needed, and simplicity is valued over all. Most homes also typically feature older architecture, and are often constructed with wood, though some do feature stone. Though there are no apartment complexes, those new to the city will be pleased to find that purchasing or constructing a home in Xantes is much more affordable than in most other cities.



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So-called for the unpredictable nature of the area outside of the city, the Wilds are known to be dangerous for a multitude of reasons, the least of which are the animals that call it home. It’s exceptionally easy to get lost in the Wilds, and time clouds and anomalies are commonplace. No device will help you here. The woods are deep, but give way frequently to hills, valleys, and caves - the land extends so far that it’s estimated one could wander for years and never find their way back again, should they find themselves lost. But for those daring enough to venture out past the city limits, there are wonders that await in the Wilds - depending on your definition of wonder.
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The Civitas Division is, in actuality, more of a long, winding boulevard - nestled between the trees lining the streets are various shops and places of interest, a favorite destination for sunny weekend days (which, as you know, are always so). In Civitas you’ll find plenty of things to do and places to shop - the only pitfall is the price point, which is relatively high for the average citizen, but most will guarantee that the experience is always worth the money. Toward the end of the boulevard, the buildings clear out to usher in a thin, babbling brook - cross the little stone bridge and you’ll be headed towards the residential side of town.
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The Asclepius Division is home to Montessori’s biggest and greatest - at the center stands the famed tree of Constantia, and, of course, the division is also home to Montessori’s Medical Center, which is the source of the majority of its visitors. The library and Institute of Advanced Study can be found here, as well as various other, smaller research facilities. Asclepius isn’t all business though, even with its much starker appearance compared to Civitas - the beautiful baths of Venta Belgarum can be found on its Eastern side, and to the West, the winding trails of Danaster Gardens.
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There are two main areas in which the people of Montessori live: Anderida and Caralis. Though there are other places people reside in, such as homes built near the Verges, Anderida and Caralis feature the vast majority of homes and apartments. Anderida is home the majority of upper-class citizens, government officials, and the like. The sprawling community stretches out miles upon miles, and features private swimming pools and parks behind its gated exterior. The homes range from moderately large to undeniably grand - it’s settled near Civitas Division, in close quarters to all the entertainment housed there. Caralis is more of a mixed bag; it features a couple of small apartment complexes, a scattering of town homes, and a range of houses more suited to middle class citizens. People of most price ranges can find an affordable home here, though of course the quality tends to depend on the price. Caralis is located nearer the outskirts of the city,
though it isn't technically in the Verges itself.
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Toward the outskirts of Montessori, there are more treasures to be found - though, if you’re trying to leave, you won’t find any portals here, only in Civitas or Asclepius. Perhaps the most notable of what you may find in the Verges is the Antipolis Festival - running year-round, it’s always full of fun-seeking patrons any time of day. Not far from the festival, when the forest starts to grow heavy, you’ll find Solipsis, the beautiful light circus, and you’d be hard-pressed not to stay for a show. After the circus, the woods grow dark and deep for miles, but if you press on, eventually you’ll come to the Nivean hot springs - and past that, the forest drops off entirely, cleared away by old inhabitants of Montessori, who created Lake Elysia. Of course, in any wilderness there’s bound to be danger, but at least in Montessori you won’t have to worry about nightfall.
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Ganymede’s outermost layers are quite the stark contrast to its bustling inner rings. While the rest of the city is a vibrant showcasing of both lights and sounds, the outer ring of the city sports quiet research centers and laboratories. Stark white buildings neatly align themselves against the night sky with flat rooftops and automated air lock doors making them nearly indistinguishable from one another. While no building is particularly impressive in size, each one holds a wealth of information and potential within it, as evident of the many researchers and workers that quietly move between them. Curfew within the outer ring is regulated - no loud or obnoxious noises or disturbances are permitted after midnight each night until seven o’clock the following morning.


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The Residential Ring is a wide variation of homes and apartment complexes that take up the majority of the city of Ganymede. Casually paced and built to serve day to day lives, outside of homes and buildings are a multitude of small shops that provide common goods, as well as other, specialized stores that are slowly budding throughout the area. The further in you travel, the more alive the city becomes, until you border the Gambling Ring itself, where life and excitement blend into one.
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The Gambling Ring can come off as quite the surprise to those that visit Ganymede for the first time. While the outer rings of the city suggest a much calmer, dignified atmosphere, the innermost areas of the city are a bright display of entertainment and vice for those willing to partake in it. Ganymede is an entertainment wonderland, due to the number of businesses and entrepreneurs eager to profit off of the area’s marketable appearance. Neon and LED lights flash overhead, keeping the area illuminated at all times, as billboards and video displays do their best to pull in customers and visitors of all walks of life. The area never seems to rest - and the buzz of excitement in the air is perhaps further enforced by the fact that in the City of Cosmos, night is neverending.


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Outside the city limits, Ganymede can become a dangerous place, where neither safety or return is guaranteed. The desert plains vary between extremely hot and incredibly cold, and are home to various creatures - some poisonous enough that the concept of travelling on foot is highly discouraged should one insist on exploring. Travelling can also be disorienting, due to there being very little landmarks to guide one forward and the constant lay of night over the land, and it’s not unheard of for those that venture out to become lost. For miles and miles stretch out endless waves of dark sand - and should you reach the end, you find the edge of Ganymede and reality in Iris itself, with the ground halting and the sands pouring endlessly over its edge.
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Unlike the wanderers and cast-outs of Sunder’s outskirts, the center Sunder residents and their ancestors were drawn to the city out of sheer curiosity, rather than necessity rooted in poverty. Though their enthusiasm for the city was undeniable, they knew little of its eccentricities; to the people of center Sunder, the city’s anomalies were a novelty, not a source of fear. Center Sunder is a testament to this–a largely man-made city strip, brimming with elegant, lavishly decorated homes and attractions; first and foremost, it is a place built for the purposes of entertainment. Despite the eternal whiteness of the sky overhead, center Sunder is renowned–for better or worse–for its sparkling “nightlife.” Even so, the mysteries–and the dangers–of Sunder still remain, masked by the center’s glossy veneer, but certainly not extinguished altogether.

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While the outskirts of Sunder are far more urban than its center, they are also in severe disrepair. No one is certain when the ruins of outer Sunder sprang into being–it is possible that the city was occupied in years past, and subsequently abandoned, although many believe it has possessed an air of neglect since the eve of its creation. In either case, outer Sunder is so sparsely populated, it appears–to outsiders–to have been abandoned entirely. Its citizens steal as needed in order to survive, exploring the winding alleyways and forgotten buildings of their makeshift home with impunity. Much more so than center Sunder, the outskirts of Sunder are teeming with glitches and paradoxes; it isn’t rare that a suspicious building–once entered–flickers out of sight, trapping those foolish enough to venture inside it in an endless limbo between worlds. And several alleyways taper off into a vast, white nothingness, or dissolve completely on a whim. Though long-time residents of outer Sunder are accustomed to the city eccentricities and navigate it with ease, naive explorers often meet their deaths in the abandoned city.


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Situated high in the mountains where the snow falls thickly, this region is home to no more than a handful of people, clustered in impermanent shelters–trailers and campsites and the like; none can say why they choose to inhabit such a dangerous land, though popular opinion states that criminals and killers seek refuge there, a step down from the impoverished, thieves and mischievous ne'er do wells found in Sunder proper. Those native to the region know that it is not merely the paradoxes which make the area surrounding the precipice so perilous, but rather, the creatures that roam the vast forest–commonly known as "demons" by more suspicious folks, though the species were more likely bred by foreign governments, and promptly disposed of in the dumping ground of Sunder. Above all, however, residents of the small neighborhood of Hamartia warn newcomers to avoid Jettatura–a steep, snow-capped peak, harboring a paradox known to lure travelers over the mountain's edge, into the blackness of the "void" surrounding it.


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